Arts Desire

Arts Desire came into being in September, 1985, in Orchards which was followed with moves to Y Plaza, 5 Corners and to its present and final location on St. Johns.

Arts Desire is owned and operated by Bev Birdwell who also teaches some of the classes. Bev previously had a shop in Ferndale, WA, called Bev's Country Tole. Our space and classes have grown over the years.

We have had the privilege of some very special teachers - Buck Paulson, Robert Warren, Susan Jenkins, Hulan Fleming, Joy Wilson, Valerie Stewart, Sharon Long, Arleta Pech, Mary Carole, Susan Bourdet, Terry Isaac, David Kitler, Lyn Lasneski and more.

Bev began painting in 1972 by taking tole painting classes in oil. That was followed with tole painting in acrylic and then followed by canvas painting. In 1983 Bev was invited to join Susan Scheewe's national teaching staff and represented her teaching seminars on the west coast. This also included representing Grumbacher art materials and working numerous trade shows representing the products. Bev co-authored two fabric painting books with Sue Scheewe at the same time. During this time, it was necessary to become proficient in watercolors as well. In 1995, Bev resigned that position to more fully care for Arts Desire and be able to have time to concentrate on her own original paintings. Bev also authored 2 floral painting instruction books, Garden Collection Vol 1 and 2. She is currently working on producing individual project packets. Bev's art is featured at the Camas Gallery, Camas, WA.

Bev curently is teaching/organizing artist retreats featuring ink/watercolor in the Pacific Northwest as well as Italy and France

Arts Desire continues to provide a pleasant atmosphere to paint and personal product service and knowledge. If an item is not stocked, we will try and get it for you. Over the years we have not only carried a wide selection of ready made frames, but have added custom framing and matting as well.

If you have not taken a class or been in to shop recently, we hope you will do so in the near future.